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Iglesia de Cristo de Hormigueros
Hormigueros Church of Christ

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Contact Us

Church Address

SD15 Calle Sauce, Hormigueros, PR  00660

The church is located back in a neighborhood of Valle Hermoso Abajo.  This neighborhood is on the other side of Route 2, across from Mayaguez Mall.  Turn down 343, go past Walgreens & Napo Valez, and the entrance to the neighborhood is on the left.



About the Church

Iglesia de Cristo de Hormigueros is a non-denominational independent Church of Christ.  It was founded in 1975 by faithful believes in Hormigueros, Puerto Rico.  The church remains today, meeting weekly on Sundays at 10:30AM.

The church address is SD15 Calle Sauce, Hormigueros, Puerto Rico 00660

To reach Pastor Chris, call 939-633-2369 or email

The Pastor is Christopher Dove, a ministry graduate from Kentucky Christian College in Grayson, KY (2003).  He was ordained into ministry at Northwest Avenue Church of Christ in Tallmadge, Ohio (2003).  Chris has served in ministry since 2002, and continues to preach the Gospel, share God's love and invite people in.

Services are bi-lingual, with a congregation of believers that delight in gathering together and taking the Good News out.

Iglesia de Cristo de Hormigueros is an independent church, operating as its own religious institution, having its own governance and bylaws.  Puerto Rico Christian Mission works to support the church by sending missionary staff to help carryout the ongoing work of the church.  PRCM also provides financial support to the church based on needs and projects. 

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