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The People of PRCM

The History of PRCM

In 1973, John & Mary Gidley, young, newly married and recent graduates from Johnson Bible College left the comforts of the United States and moved to Puerto Rico.  What started as an act of faithful response to the Gospel’s call to Go into all the world, resulted in 48 years (and counting) of Christian service to the people of Puerto Rico. 


While building their lives there, growing a family and creating lasting friendships, it was their dedication to see Christ proclaimed that spurred on their work.


Through their efforts, supported by a mission board stateside, they founded Puerto Rico Christian Mission.  The work of the mission included helping to plant & lead churches, founding Hormigueros Christian Church, which was pastored by John.  They ran a school, Caribe Christian Academy, led by Mary and a support staff.  They helped build and support a Christian church camp, Taino Christian Center.  They hosted teams from the US, teaching them to engage in the work of sharing Christ.  They helped with disaster response after Hurricane Maria in 2017.  They participated in the fellowship of the body, creating Christian community across the island.   


In their 70’s now, John & Mary have relocated back to the US as of June 2021.  Their plans are to continue supporting PRCM stateside, while also looking for Christian missionaries to continue the work in Puerto Rico.




All the while, a story of legacy was being written through Northwest Church in Tallmadge, Ohio.  This is the home church for John Gidley, where his family attended for years, and was the founding church of Puerto Rico Christian Mission.  Through the 1980’s & 1990’s, Chris Dove & Marissa Hooverman Dove were children growing up in this same church, hearing the news of John & Mary Gidley serving in Puerto Rico.


As Chris & Marissa both graduated from Kentucky Christian University with degrees in ministry (Chris) and business (Marissa) and married in 2005, they knew their life commitment was to serve Christ.  Though happening at separate times in their lives, they each experienced a call to missions, both feeling certain that God was preparing them for the field but for a future time.


During a time of great change and transition for their family in 2015, following the adoption of their then 7-year-old son, they started praying about that call.  In 2017, Chris reached out to John about serving in the mission field.  It just wasn’t the right time.  The Doves later accepted ministry roles with an organization called Project Mañana International in the Dominican Republic and relocated as full-time missionaries in 2019.  Ministry in both Puerto Rico & the Dominican Republic continued. 

Then, in April 2021, news of the Gidley’s retirement from PR as full-time missionaries became public.  The Doves began praying about “what if”, what would it look like to take over a mission of their home church?  And the rest is history.  The Dove Family permanently relocated to Mayagüez, PR in July 2022, to continue the work of Puerto Rico Christian Mission.  And while many of the details are still working themselves out, they know for certain, God has prepared them for this opportunity.    

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